Skill Enhancement

Training Programme:

Daksh is the dealer sales force training program envisaged to make the dealers professionally equipped and skilled. The programme aims to reduce the dealers’ involvement in day to day affairs, help them build a capable sales force and also support them to focus on strategic areas like Digital Adoption, Working Capital Assessment, Market Development etc. Additionally, Daksh also strives to inculcate a culture of customer centricity & service level enhancement among the dealers by taking them from a philosophy of price based selling to value based selling.
Under Daksh, the dealers undergo a one day training program in the following areas -

  • Product Training – Explaining the USPs of the Product
  • Sales Training – How to pitch the product to the Consumers
  • Lead Management – Identifying prospective leads & following up with them
  • Behavioral Training – How to dress & present themselves in front of the Consumers

Pro GenY
Pro GenY is a special platform designed to introduce the new concept of retail business to a brand new generation of entrepreneurs. The programme is an endeavour to attract the next generation of the Tata Tiscon dealers and assimilate them into the Tata Steel family, ignite their minds to the changes happening around them in the spheres of consumer experience & digital.

Pro GenY comes with varied benefits to the next generation of dealers-

  • Product Training – Explaining the USPs of the Product
  • Exposure to best practices on consumer experience and entrepreneurship
  • Better bonding and team building among the dealer family
  • Experience a rich, insightful and long lasting association with Tata Steel

Financial Assistance Programme:

URJA is a working capital finance program designed by Tata Steel and mjunction for Tata Tiscon dealers. By enabling easy access of finance at competitive costs to dealers, URJA aims to energize the entire ecosystem of the Tata Tiscon channel and provide an integrated single point platform for online finance facilities.
The programme comes with a series of advantages for the dealers:

  1. Increase in liquidity due to availability of funds
  2. Borrowing at competitive terms (unsecured)
  3. Integrated single point platform for online finance. The dealers will be offered finance from multiple lenders. Payment will be made available on a real time basis
  4. Building up of credit history. 1st time borrowers will have an advantage to establish their credit history by availing of this facility. It will lead to ease in borrowing for other requirements like home loans, car loans etc.